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Burhani Engineers Ltd. has partnered with best-in-class manufacturers such as Emerson Process Management in providing world leading measurement, control and automation brand technologies for  our customers.  For the full list of brands we work with, click here.

We also provide extensive sales and maintenance support through our customer care team, as well as power systems, industrial systems, process management and operations research. Let’s talk about a personalized systems engineering solution here.

A Accu-Pressure tank blanketing regulator
AMS ValveLink software
AMS Suite predictive maintenance software
Aperio Integrated Control and Monitoring System
B Baumann control valves
Bettis TM electric, pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn and linear valve actuators and controls
Big Joe pressure regulator
Bristol measurement and control products for remote SCADA applications
C Cascade Technologies quantum cascade laser (QCL) gas analyzers
Clarity II turbidimeter
ControlWave measurement and control products for remote SCADA applications
CSI Technologies mechanical equipment technology
D Damcos actuators and valve remote control system
Daniel Measurement & Control fiscal flow measurement and control
Dantorque subsea valve actuators
DeltaV Distributed Control System (DCS)
DeltaV SIS safety instrumented system

easy-e sliding stem control valve
Educational Services  classroom and  online training
EIM  actuators
ELITE Coriolis flow and density meters
El-O-Matic valve actuators
Enardo safety and environmental vapor control equipment
Endurance conductivity sensors


Field Communicator handheld communicator
FieldQ valve automaton systems
FIELDVUE digital valve controller
Fisher valves and instruments
Fisher pressure regulators
FloBoss electronic flow measurement and control for remote applications
FlowScanner valve diagnostic system
Francel pressure regulators

G GO Switch leverless limit switches
H High Voltage Maintenance electrical equipment testing and maintenance
Hytork valve automation systems
JuniorSonic dual or single path gas ultrasonic flow meter
L LevelDatic electro-pneumatic tank measurement
M Magtech magnetic level indicators and magnetostrictive transmitters
Micro Motion Coriolis flow and density meters
MiniLabo platform of regulators and accessories
Mobrey measurement and control for liquids, gases, and dry products

Net Safety Monitoring fixed flame and gas detection

O OpenEnterprise  SCADA Software
Ovation expert control system
Oxymitter oxygen analyzer
P Pad-Depad pilot operated valve
Paine precision high pressure & temperature instrumentation
PERpH-X high performance high temperature pH sensors
pHaser high-purity water pH sensor
PlantWeb digital plant architecture
Pop relief valve
POSI-SEAL butterfly valve
PowerVUE fan damper actuator
PROVOX control system
PUR-Sense autoclavable and steam sterilizable sensors
R Regulus pressure reducing regulator
Remote Automation Solutions
ROC measurement & control products for remote SCADA applications
Rosemount   pressure, temperature, level, and flow measurement
Rosemount Analytical gas and liquid analysis and gas chromatographs
Rosemount Marine marine tank radar measurement systems
Roxar reservoir management and production optimization technology
RS3 control system
S SeniorSonic four path gas ultrasonic flow meters
Shafer valve actuator systems
Simplex 2"-8" single chamber fitting
Smart SIS safety instrumented systems
Smart Wireless field and plant networks
SmartProcess (Process Systems) process unit optimization solutions
Snappy Joe transfer safety valve
Syncade smart operations management suite
T TankMaster tank inventory management software
Tartarini regulators
TESCOM pressure control systems, assemblies, manifolds, and systems
TopWorx valve control, position sensing, and field networking
TUpH pH sensors for dirty high solids applications
V Virgo valves
W WEGA cylinder pressure regulator
WEGAMED cylinder pressure regulator
X X-STREAM gas analyzer

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