Burhani Engineers


We build infrastructure to support the communities we operate in.  

We make the use of the latest technology and have
access to local & global engineering experts bringing
architects designs to life through civil engineering



We, at Burhani Engineers create attractive, comfortable and practical living spaces by using intelligent and energy-efficient solutions at a minimal cost which enhances value for both developers and property owners.


We construct classrooms that prioritise safety and security, allowing children to concentrate on their education and paving the way for brighter futures.

Healthcare & Clinics

Being one of the leading civil engineering firms in Nairobi, our aim is to create infrastructure that benefits all. With our innovative healthcare building solutions, we address and solve the distinctive construction challenges of the healthcare market.


With the use of solar energy gaining popularity, new building developments will increasingly incorporate solar energy into the construction of sustainable buildings. And at Burhani Engineers as well, we will be making solar a pivotal component of building design in the future.

Fit Outs

As a team of professionals, we can transform fit-out projects into reality. Irrespective of the project's size and complexity, we at Burhani Engineers are adept at managing all the aspects of the fit-out process.

Electrical Solutions

Along with providing multiple civil solutions, Burhani Engineers, a top civil engineering consulting firm in Kenya also offers comprehensive wiring solutions that facilitate essential electrical connections necessary for constructing, upgrading or maintaining electrical panels, enclosures and industrial systems.