Burhani Engineers Limited is committed to adhering to a consistent zero free incident safety record. This is achieved through a thorough analysis of all health and safety risks prior to mobilization of any projects giving priority to quality and consistent training for all our staff members.

Under our comprehensive Health and Safety Environment Plan (HSSE), all levels of management will work through consultation and cooperation with Burhani employees, joint health and safety committees, contractors, sub-contractors and visitors to ensure that the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations are fully adhered to. At Burhani, we ensure that dedicated project managers have full line responsibility for all health, safety, security and environmental matters associated with all contracting operations. Assigned in-house safety officers will also act as a focal contact for all matters of HSSE, providing advice, carrying out audits and inspections, training, reporting and managing all key records.
We pride ourselves on our detailed in-house safety assessments which fully outline all risk types, personnel exposure and detailed precautionary procedures which help to mitigate all risk. All site staff are expected to undergo rigorous mandatory training in order to obtain clearance permits to work on site, up to and including:

  1. HSSE induction
  2. Basic fire extinguisher knowledge
  3.  Industrial first aid
  4. Safety supervision
  5. Gas testing