Burhani Engineers Ltd. provide Turnkey Electrical Solutions in the Low, Medium and High Voltage Electrical sector.

We have executed works in the various Industries including Petroleum Refinery, and Retail Distribution Sites, Pipelines, Terminals and affiliated Power Distribution network, Sub-station and Power Plants.

In addition we have expertise in Aviation, Process and Mining, and Commercial Industries to deliver an end-to-end solution.

In the history of 40 Years, Burhani Engineers Ltd. has evolved from retailing low voltage industrial products i.e. MCB, MCCB, Contactors, Distribution Boards, Main Distribution Boards, Consumer Units,  Cables and accessories to high voltage electrical products i.e. Transformers, Vacuum Circuit, Current Transformers and Voltage Transformers, and High Voltage Cables and its jointing and termination accessories.

We have also specialized in delivering solutions with a turnkey electrical installation. Our foremost client was the Petroleum Refinery, Terminals and Petroleum Retails Sites.

In the Private sector in Mombasa, every Plant Manager had complete solutions for their plant electrical needs with advanced site diagnostics, trouble shooting, and quick response to remedial, maintenance and new installations. We also introduced C2 Tariff metering in industrial plants to bring cost-savings on KPLC Power bills and consumption.

Our move to Nairobi and Tanzania gave us exposure to new markets in Aviation, Commercial Malls, Pipelines, Power Plants and Sub-station. It also enhanced our core business in Retailing and Industrial plants and boost the company growth.

We also diverged into an EPC company to provide design, engineer the system solution, construct and deliver the project to the customers.

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