Burhani Engineers Ltd. deliver plant optimization solutions in the Food and Beverage, Chemical, Pulp and Paper and Mining Industries.

Food & Beverage

The main priorities of a plant manager is to produce high quality, consistent products that are safe for the customers, maximize the plant’s profitability by efficiently converting raw materials into desirable end products and protecting the safety of the workers and the environment.

We provide flow and density measurement solutions with Micro Motion and Rosemount with 3A Standards.


Chemical plants have many operational challenges; reliability of your assets, producing the right amount of product at the right quality, and ensuring the process runs as maintenance free and often as possible.

Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Industrial Gas Plants are some of the chemical processing plants.

We offer the following systems engineering solutions:process

  • Temperature Control for Furnace equipment
  • Process Control and Temperature Monitoring for Heat Exchangers
  • Temperature, Pressure and Process control in the Distillation Process
  • Vibration Monitoring, Asset Monitoring and Overpressure Protection in Pumps and Compressors
  • Storage Flow and Level Measurement for Inventory and Distribution

Pulp and Paper

Pulp and Paper have complex processes that need constant monitoring for plant efficiency and operations.

We offer Steam Mass Flow Metering, Drum Level, PH and Conductivity, and Temperature monitoring for process involving pulping, bleaching and boilers controls.

Water and Waste Water

Burhani Engineers Ltd. offer process equipment including plug valves, check valves, air valves, pressure transmitters, level transmitters, and magnetic flow meters for water solutions.

Our reliable, high-quality products will ensure the consistent operation for liquid analyzers and transmitters, continuous level monitoring and process control.