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Multi-disciplinary Approach To Maintaining Electrical Systems In Power Plants: Useful Insights By Burhani Engineers


Maintaining an electrical system in a power plant does not simply require electrical engineers but also staff from several other departments. Without a multi-disciplinary approach, certain parts of the system may remain ignored. As one of the leading engineering companies in Kenya, we share some of the useful insights about the multidisciplinary approach to maintenance of electrical systems in power plants.

1. Engineering and Design Department:

At the heart of any power plant’s electrical system is its design. The engineering and design department is the brain behind this, ensuring that the system not only meets the current demands but is also future-ready. They delve deep into system analyses, employing advanced simulations to anticipate how the system would respond under diverse conditions. Their foresight ensures that the system is equipped with the necessary protective measures, acting as the first line of defence against unforeseen challenges.

2. Operations Department:

While the design team lays down the blueprint, the operations department is the guardian that ensures the system runs seamlessly day in and day out. They continuously monitor the system’s health, making real-time decisions. Whether it’s isolating a section of the grid for maintenance or managing the load during peak demand, their decisions are pivotal in maintaining the equilibrium of the power plant.


3. Maintenance Department:

The maintenance department  routinely inspects every nook and cranny for signs of wear and tear. Their approach isn’t just reactive; by analysing data from past system behaviours, they can predict potential failures and address them proactively. Their meticulousness ensures that the system’s reliability and safety are never compromised.

4. Safety and Compliance Department:

Electrical systems, by their very nature, come with inherent risks. The safety and compliance department ensures that these risks are minimised. By formulating stringent safety protocols and ensuring they are adhered to, they safeguard both the personnel and the equipment. Their role extends beyond just rule-making; they are also responsible for training the workforce, ensuring that safety becomes second nature to every individual in the plant.

5. Research and Development (R&D) Department:

The R&D section ensures that the power plant stays on the cutting edge of innovation. By studying new technologies, materials, and procedures, they continuously improve the system’s efficiency and resilience, ensuring it can withstand tomorrow’s challenges.

5. Information technology (IT) department:

The IT department helps prevent the electrical system from being hacked or digitally threatened in any way. This is necessary in systems integrated with smart grid technology. They also handle incredible amounts of data generated by the power plant, which are stored securely. Such data must be available for analysis later.

6. Finance and procurement department:

The department allocates the fund necessary for maintenance and upgrades. They are also in charge of ordering equipment in a timely fashion so that they are available when needed.

7. Emergency response and crisis management team:

This team has to come up with extensive plans for different types of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and storms. They need to work with local authorities, emergency services, and other utilities during crises.

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