Burhani Engineers


Leading Civil Engineering Solutions in Tanzania: Shaping a Sustainable Future

At Burhani Engineers Ltd, we stand as one of the premier civil engineering companies in Tanzania, dedicated to constructing infrastructure that bolsters the communities we serve. Armed with access to both local and global engineering experts, we breathe life into architectural designs through inventive civil engineering solutions. Our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology guarantees the creation of functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing living environments, enriching developers and property owners alike.


Residential Solutions

We take immense pride in crafting intelligent and energy-efficient residential solutions with minimal investment costs. Our expertise yields comfortable and sustainable living spaces, enhancing the quality of life for inhabitants while adding value for developers and property proprietors.

Educational Infrastructure

Burhani Engineers is passionate about erecting secure and conducive classrooms that inspire learning and pave the path for brighter futures. Our proficiency in school infrastructure ensures that children can concentrate on their education, assured of a conducive learning environment.

Healthcare & Clinic Initiatives

In the healthcare realm, we provide innovative and efficient building solutions that cater to the unique demands of the sector. Our healthcare infrastructure projects are meticulously tailored to meet the specific requirements of medical facilities in Tanzania.

Integration of Solar Solutions

As we embrace more sustainable practices, the incorporation of solar energy is becoming an integral part of modern buildings. At Burhani Engineers, we understand the importance of sustainability and are resolute in integrating solar solutions into our construction projects, enabling structures to generate their own energy.

Fit-Out Services

Our highly experienced team of tradespeople excels in transforming fit-out projects into reality. Irrespective of size and scope, Burhani oversees all aspects of the fit-out process, delivering superior outcomes.

Electrical Solutions

As one of the top civil engineering firms in Tanzania, we offer comprehensive electrical solutions. From wiring to electrical panel installations and maintenance, we ensure dependable and efficient electrical connections for various industrial systems.



We are committed to our employees and provide the best possible working conditions
We believe that conducting our business in an ethical and responsible manner is essential to the continued success and sustainable growth of our company.

We are a socially and environmentally progressive company deeply committed to green operations.


Civil Engineering company in Kenya

Sealing old dewatering pipes

Sealed old dewatering pipes and other cracks at tail race wall towards cable gallery and portioning walls at a power station.

Civil Engineering

Staff housing

Awarded the Construction of Tana Staff houses at Tana power station, each with 8 units of self contained houses, built to a high standard.

Civil Engineering

Covid Isolation centre

Awarded construction and completion of a COVID isolation centre at a County Referral Hospital in Kenya during the third peak of the pandemic in 2021.