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Burhani Engineers Ltd - One of the most trusted electrical engineering companies in Nairobi

We have a wide array of electrical solutions that aim to elevate the quality of life and stimulate economic progress in the country. As an EPC, we engage comprehensively throughout all the project phases and are proficient in generation, distribution and transmission services. 

Our team has extensive experience across public and private sectors, with a clear understanding of the technical and commercial requirements. 

Burhani engineering
Electrical Engineering in Kenya


With more than 43 years of experience in the electrical engineering field, our team has garnered technical prowess in diverse energy sources, including renewable and non-renewable energy within East Africa.

We are the preferred choice for delivering, setting up, testing, commissioning and maintaining the electrical systems in many power plants including hydro, geothermal, wind and solar. Our proficiency also extends to diesel, HFO, and biomass power plants.


As one of the most established electrical engineering companies in Nairobi, we specialise in installing power lines and substations, even in challenging terrains.

We offer comprehensive solutions in design, construction and supply and have the capability to install power lines up to 500KV. Additionally, we have successfully delivered step-up/step-down substations for voltage grades including 110KV, 66KV, 33KV, 11KV and 6.6KV, along with distribution lines spanning 33KV, 22KV and 11KV.


Our team has successfully executed and delivered projects from design and execution, to service and maintenance across diverse sectors. These include onshore gas plants, petroleum refineries, retail distribution sites, pipelines, terminals, substations and power plants.

Additionally, we also handle the procurement and maintenance of switchgear, process automation panels, soft starters and motor control panels for industries such as oil, gas, food and beverage, as well as aviation, shipping and mining.



We are committed to our employees and provide the best possible working conditions
We believe that conducting our business in an ethical and responsible manner is essential to the continued success and sustainable growth of our company.

We are a socially and environmentally progressive company deeply committed to green operations.


Electrical Engineering

Off-grid stations

Awarded design, supply, installation and commissioning of two off-grid generating stations in remote areas of Marsabit and Turkana. This off-grid station is able to consistently supply power to homesteads within the area. What was once a dream for the residents of these areas has now become a reality.

Engineering workshop

Motor control center

Awarded design, supply, installation and commissioning of 400V switchboard and Motor Control Centre. Existing PC and MCC installed in 1973, were decommissioned with minimum interruption of site operation, resulting in direct savings to operating budgets and energy costs.

Electrical Engineering

Diesel generator

Awarded design, supply, installation and commissioning of 300KVA and 500KVA, 415V enclosed Diesel Generator plus associated Substation equipment’s The Power station powers an entire HT Network of 94.5KM with a total number of 22 distribution transformers.