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Burhani Engineers Ltd: A trusted mechanical engineering company in Nairobi, Kenya

We specialise in construction projects and are experts in maintaining strong asset integrity and reliability across various industries. With state-of-the-art equipment and trained staff, we uphold certified quality standards, delivering effective and affordable solutions to our clients. Our team has a proven track record of completing projects successfully across Africa and is fully prepared to meet demanding schedules around the clock.


We are experts in the field of constructing and rehabilitating storage tanks, catering primarily to the industrial and commercial needs of the petroleum and edible oil industries. Backed by over 20 years of experience, we excel in tasks such as inspection, design, construction and the implementation of safe and budget-friendly methods for construction and rehabilitation works. It is our unwavering commitment to high-quality work and strict compliance with industry regulations along with civil engineering guidelines that have made us a renowned mechanical engineering firm in Kenya.


We supply, install and provide maintenance for process plants and equipment across multiple industries. Some of our services include the installation of new fuel, LPG, compressed air and water pipelines, or comprehensive depot/plant piping systems. 

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals handles all aspects of pipework, ensuring top-notch quality. Whether it’s fabricating pipework in our well-equipped workshop or doing it on-site, our professionals are well-prepared to meet your needs.


Besides being a renowned mechanical engineering company in Kenya, we are also recognised as a leading steel fabricator in the infrastructure, energy and engineering industries. We deliver architectural and structural steel work to construction industries.

Our experience and vast knowledge of engineering enable us to manage the entire process, starting from design and detailing to project management seamlessly.


We have a cutting-edge, fully-equipped workshop in Nairobi, Kenya where our technicians test the safety, pressure, flow and level of rehabilitated products to ensure their quality and integrity.

Our technicians
test the safety, pressure, flow and level to ensure the quality
and integrity of rehabilitated products


We are capable of supplying valves as per different needs, specifications and prices.



We are committed to our employees and provide the best possible working conditions
We believe that conducting our business in an ethical and responsible manner is essential to the continued success and sustainable growth of our company.

We are a socially and environmentally progressive company deeply committed to green operations.


Mechanical Engineering

Motorized gate valves

Awarded supply, installation and commissioning motorised gate valves for a refinery project, which involved a detailed technical discussion, application working, functional testing of the valves, and installation and commissioning at the refinery site. The valves ranged from 12 inch to 24 inchs in size and can be operated manually or remotely with a remote accessing tool available. All the valve parts are designed and tested to API standards .

Steam power generation

Control Valve Package

Awarded supply installation and commissioning of Control valve package for steam field power plant project with specialized emergency shutdown actuator option. The steamfield was located in a remote area and as a result the supply of valves needs to be reliable and of high quality to withstand harsh conditions.

Terminal facility construction

Upgraded pipe and instruments

Upgraded pipe and instruments in a loading gantry of fuel terminal. Hot works in fuel terminals are always challenging and needs to have proper knowledge on safety aspects . Our mechanical team have successfully completed a total pipe line modification , installation of complete metering systems at a fuel terminal.