Burhani Engineers


Trusted Instrumentation and Control Engineering Solutions in Tanzania

We dedicate the necessary time to fully comprehend the distinct challenges your business faces in Tanzania. Our objective is to provide tailor-made instrumentation solutions that perfectly align with your specific operational requirements.


Measurement Instrumentation

Gaining Valuable Insights for Enhanced Process Efficiency

Accurate measurements are paramount to ensure the optimal operation of your processes. At Burhani Engineers Ltd, a renowned instrumentation and control engineering company in Uganda, our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you in defining, installing, and calibrating measurement instrumentation technologies tailored to meet your specific needs.

Flame and Gas Safety Solutions

Prioritizing Your People and Facilities

No matter how challenging or extreme the conditions may be, your people's safety is our top concern. Our flame and gas detection solutions are meticulously engineered to streamline operations and ensure the utmost safety for your workforce and facilities.

Asset and Machinery Maintenance

Elevating Availability, Profitability & Safety

Unplanned downtime due to equipment failure can be detrimental to your bottom line. Our comprehensive asset and machinery maintenance services focus on improving availability, profitability, and safety, ensuring seamless operations

Liquid and gas analysis

Access Reliable Solutions

Gain access to the most reliable, repeatable, and comprehensive analytical solutions for liquid and gas analysis. Burhani Engineers Ltd offers cutting-edge technologies and expert analysis to provide actionable insights and optimize your processes.

Control and Safety Systems

Ensuring Decision Integrity

At Burhani Engineers Ltd, we prioritize safety and integrity. Our comprehensive safety system planning, implementation, and management solutions, backed by certified hardware, software, and engineering services, are designed to meet the stringent industry requirements.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Unleashing Increased Visibility and Insights

As businesses evolve, the demand for process automation is on the rise. Our digital transformation solutions, supported by flexible, scalable, and robust wireless technologies, serve as the backbone for driving your organization forward.

Calibration Solutions

Enhancing Process Efficiency

Instrumentation calibration is a crucial aspect of quality assurance and testing, vital for various industries and sectors. Our calibration solutions ensure precision and compliance with industry standards, contributing to improved process efficiency.



We are committed to our employees and provide the best possible working conditions
We believe that conducting our business in an ethical and responsible manner is essential to the continued success and sustainable growth of our company.

We are a socially and environmentally progressive company deeply committed to green operations.



Automated Tank gauging

A proven track record in the Oil and Gas downstream sector, with successful automated tank gauging and overfill prevention system projects for more than 200 bulk storage tanks across 10 countries in Africa. Efficient tank farm operations reduce the risk and minimise measurement uncertainty through productivity improvements.

Gas detection equipment

Bespoke Automated Solutions

We have installed a bespoke safety automation solution on a LPG facility consisting of flame detectors and gas sensors. We map out locations where instruments need to be mounted and installed a control system designed to relay alert's into a supervisory control system for quick response evacuation procedure.


Custody Transfer Metering

We provide our clients with a full suite of custody transfer metering solutions from consultation to design and engineering, project management, fabrication, installation and startup to achieve the best possible transfer measurement accuracy and reliability ensuring commercial and regulatory compliance within the Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Food and Beverage industries.