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Capabilities That Set Burhani Engineers Apart


Engineering companies are vital for the development of a country, as they contribute significantly to its infrastructure, technological advancement, and economic growth. The best engineering companies in Kenya bring innovative solutions to complex problems, such as construction, energy and manufacturing, and many others. By designing and implementing critical projects, they help create numerous job opportunities, improve living standards, and promote sustainable practices. Their vast expertise in various engineering disciplines ensures the country’s infrastructure is safe, efficient, and well-prepared to meet the demands of the future. Burhani Engineers Ltd is one of the best engineering companies in Kenya that’s committed to innovation, quality, sustainability, and client satisfaction. Let’e explore more:

1. Experience:

Our company started with operations in Kenya in 1977. However, since then, we have expanded and provided services to 13 sub-Saharan African nations. We are well-equipped and ready to take on projects of all sizes in the electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering sectors. We continuously invest in research and development to stay ahead of industry trends and provide cutting-edge solutions.

2. Highly-qualified mechanical engineers

Our mechanical engineering team brings a wealth of experience to a broad spectrum of projects. We specialise in the construction and restoration of storage tanks, predominantly used in the petroleum and edible oil sectors for industrial and commercial applications. Our involvement spans from the initial design and inspection to the construction, ensuring that operations are conducted safely and efficiently.

Also, we possess extensive capabilities in the installation of pipework systems across a variety of industries. Whether it’s fuel, water, LPG, or compressed air pipelines, we are equipped to handle the job. Our clients have the flexibility to choose between having the pipes fabricated in our state-of-the-art workshop or directly on-site, according to their specific requirements.

Our mechanical engineering services extend to steel fabrication, serving the needs of the construction, energy, infrastructure, and architectural sectors. Our workshop is fully equipped to undertake the rehabilitation and testing of valve systems, as well as the supply of valves.

This comprehensive suite of services underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional mechanical engineering solutions.

3. Electrical engineering expertise:

With over four decades of experience in the electrical engineering domain, our team has developed technical expertise in various energy sources, including both renewable and non-renewable options within East Africa. We have become the go-to company for delivering, installing, testing, commissioning, and maintaining electrical systems in numerous power plants, including those powered by hydro, geothermal, wind, and solar energy. Our expertise also covers diesel, HFO, and biomass power plants. We specialise in the installation of power lines and substations, even in the most challenging terrains. We provide end-to-end solutions in design, construction, and supply, with the capability to install power lines up to 500KV. Our team has a proven track record of successfully completing projects from design and execution to service and maintenance across various sectors. This includes work on onshore gas plants, petroleum refineries, retail distribution sites, pipelines, terminals, substations, and power plants. In addition, we manage the procurement and maintenance of switchgear, process automation panels, soft starters, and motor control panels for industries including oil and gas, food and beverage, aviation, shipping, and mining.

4. Civil infrastructure development:

In the housing sector, we strive to create aesthetically pleasing, functional, and energy-efficient living spaces at an affordable cost. For educational institutions, we build safe and secure classrooms, fostering an environment conducive to learning and contributing to brighter futures for children. As a leading civil engineering company in Nairobi, we are also committed to enhancing healthcare infrastructure. Also, we  are integrating solar solutions into sustainable building designs, making solar energy a central element of future construction projects. Our team of professionals excels in transforming fit-out projects from concept to reality, skillfully managing all aspects of the fit-out process, regardless of the project’s size or complexity. In addition to our civil solutions, we also offer comprehensive wiring solutions. These solutions are crucial for establishing essential electrical connections required for the construction, upgrade, or maintenance of electrical panels, enclosures, and industrial systems.

5. Instrumentation:

Our expertise spans across various segments, including measurement instrumentation, where we enhance process efficiency and insight through precise measurements. For flame and gas safety solutions, we prioritise the safety of your personnel and facilities, offering robust solutions designed to withstand challenging conditions and streamline operations. Asset and machinery maintenance is another critical area we focus on, aiming to boost availability, profitability, and safety, while reducing downtime resulting from operational malfunctions through regular and meticulous machinery maintenance services. Also, our liquid and gas analysis services provide reliable, consistent, and comprehensive analytical solutions, ensuring you have access to the most trustworthy data for your operations.

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