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Communication Tips Specifically Tailored To Clients Working With Engineers In Kenya

With increased engineering projects and development in Kenya, businesses constantly have to rely on talented engineers. A large part of whether a particular project achieves success depends on the quality of communication between clients and engineers. Clear and concise channels of communication can help engineers stay on the same page with the client’s demands. Here, we share some of the communication tips when working with engineers in Kenya.

1. Understanding cultural nuances:

Being sensitive to the local cultures and traditions can go a long way in improving communication and relations with engineers. Clients must understand the different communication styles for the people in the country. Also, interpersonal skills can help better communication and rapport. For instance, it is important to greet engineers and engage in small talks before speaking about project specifics.

2. Clear and precise communication:

Engineers deal with complex technical information daily. So, it is essential to use language that is not filled with jargon when communicating with them. Similarly, stakeholders can ask engineers to use layman’s terms, especially when describing complicated technical terms or systems. Doing so, ensures clear lines of communication, allowing both parties to benefit.

3.Listen actively:

Listening is an important part of communication. The same is true when a client interacts with engineers. Actively listening to what the engineers have to say and taking into account their feedback can improve rapport and overall communication between the two parties. It also shows that stakeholders respect the expertise of the engineers, which encourages them to share helpful insights in the future.

4. Regular check-ins:

Engineers prefer when clients check-in regularly to oversee the progress on a particular project. Such check-in helps maintain the transparency of the work. Also, clients are in a better position to identify any deviations from the agreed-upon plan and ensure these are addressed promptly.

5.Encourage questions:

Clients must create an environment where engineers feel comfortable asking questions regarding a project. Through such questions, the engineers are able to reach a deeper understanding of the project itself. This also promotes better rapport between the two groups, enabling all of them to be on the same page. It is important to remain patient and answer engineer questions as effectively as possible.

6. Respect for hierarchy:

When interacting with engineers, be mindful of this hierarchy, addressing senior engineers or project managers with the appropriate level of respect. This not only aligns with cultural norms but also establishes a harmonious working relationship.

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