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Maintaining Electrical Systems In Power Generation Facilities: Useful Insights By Burhani Engineers Limited

Power generation facilities rely on their extensive electrical systems to operate efficiently at all times. Even minor faults or malfunctions in these systems can cause power loss for hundreds or thousands of homes, businesses, and more in the area. Therefore, maintaining the electrical systems in these power generation facilities is critical. Here, we discuss some useful insights for maintaining the electrical systems in a power generation plant. 


  1. Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule maintenance for the electrical systems at regular intervals. Predictive maintenance runs can address issues within the system before they escalate to complete breakdowns or failures. Regularly maintain switchgears, generators, cables, and transformers to avoid sudden failures and significant downtimes. 

  1. Thermal Imaging Testing 

Conduct thermal imaging tests to spot internal faults in electrical systems. These tests highlight areas operating at higher temperatures than normal. Maintenance staff should undertake maintenance based on these results to prevent overheating issues from shutting down the electrical system. 

  1. Condition-based Monitoring 

Schedule maintenance runs effectively using condition-based monitoring. In this method, workers rely on real-time data, such as temperature, current, voltage, and vibration, to assess system degradation. This data-driven approach indicates when to maintain specific electrical systems. 

  1. Transformer Maintenance 

Regularly schedule oil analysis for transformers and ensure proper cooling to maintain their health and performance. Addressing major issues in transformers promptly can prevent disruptions in power generation. 

  1. Cable and Switchgear Inspection 

Inspect switchgears, connectors, and cables visually and conduct insulation resistance tests. Tighten the connections in these systems to prevent short circuits, overheating, and other problems. 

  1. Battery System Maintenance 

Check the backup battery systems periodically for charging disorders or other issues. Conduct capacity testing and ensure proper ventilation for the health of these systems, as they become crucial for continued operations during emergencies. 

  1. Grounding System Maintenance 

Maintain the grounding systems by testing grounding electrodes, measuring resistance, and checking connections. This maintenance not only ensures safety for personnel but also keeps equipment safe from stray currents. 

  1. Documentation and Record-Keeping 

Maintain detailed records of maintenance schedules, equipment history, and other relevant factors. Use these records to improve maintenance schedules based on established trends and data. 

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