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5 Things To Know About Engineering Companies And Artificial Intelligence: Useful Insights By Burhani Engineers


Artificial intelligence has come a long way since its inception. Today, AI-driven technology is revolutionizing various industries, products, and services. Naturally, AI has also permeated engineering firms and changed how such companies operate. As one of the best engineering companies in Kenya, we share some useful insights about AI and its effect on the engineering sector.

  1. Considerable amounts of data are generated in the engineering sectors regularly, whether they are from equipment, sensors, or others. Engineering firms have started using AI-driven tools to collate the vast amounts of data and analyse the same. Such analysis can help engineers quickly identify actionable insights and make data-driven decisions. For instance, through AI-based predictive analysis, engineers can discover which of their equipment is more likely to fail or malfunction. Based on such data, they can initiate maintenance schedules and reduce downtimes.
  2. Project management has become easier with AI providing crucial help when it comes to identifying potential risks involved with projects, allocating resources efficiently, and overall scheduling. Such systems can also analyse data from previous projects and predict whether the current project will face delays or budget overruns. All of these ensure a much more effective project management procedure. Also, with all the contingencies accounted for, AI-driven scheduling ensures that clients receive the completed project within the deadline.
  3. AI technology can also help ensure sustainability in engineering projects. Climate change has made eco-friendly approaches to project design and execution necessary. AI-driven systems can be used to control and monitor energy consumption across homes and businesses. A great example of this is integrating AI systems into a home’s energy consumption. It can detect the number of occupants and the weather outside to increase or decrease the AC temperatures. This not only results in optimal indoor temperatures at all times but also prevents wastage of energy.
  4. AI systems can also help prevent accidents or other safety compromises at engineering work sites. Generally, such sites are known to be highly hazardous. However, AI-driven systems can closely monitor these sites and report potential safety concerns. For instance, unauthorised access or malfunctioning equipment can jeopardise one’s life in these settings. With AI systems, engineers can be alerted to such situations before accidents occur. This gives them plenty of time to deal with the risk.
  5. Many engineering tasks, especially in the design phase, involve repetitive calculations and simulations. AI can automate these processes, freeing up engineers to focus on innovative design and problem-solving rather than getting bogged down with routine tasks.

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