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Innogrative Solutions - Burhani Valves Testing and Rehabilitation workshop

Innogrative Solutions – Burhani Valves Testing and Rehabilitation workshop

What happens when an industrial valve malfunctions? Most industries would prefer to buy a new valve.

In such a scenario,  it will take a lead time of up to 24 weeks from machining, assembly, testing, painting, packing, dispatching to the customer and installation at site.  In addition, it results in operational downtime for the industry, under-utilisation of the resources, customer delivery pressure and the additional investment of replacing a new valve.  

Time, engineering & cost invested are the major risks that customers have to cope with due to valve malfunction at site.

In Kenya, this situation can be ascertained by visiting the backyards of most of the process industries. They have a huge pile stock of valves that have been discarded as scrap.

Rehabilitation of valves is a solution to minimise the above risk that industries face. The cost, time & engineering incurred to rehabilitate a valve is far lower than the expenses of a new valve.

Burhani Engineers who are the pioneers of providing innogrative solutions for the engineering sector is ready with their new Innogration Hub offering valve testing and rehabilitation.

Innogrative Solutions For Industrial Valve Rehabilitation In Kenya

The main objective of setting up a valve rehabilitation hub is to provide effective solutions for all kinds of valve repairs irrespective of the size, type and class ratings. This includes machining, assembly & disassembly, hydro testing, pneumatic testing, functional testing, pressure limit testing, seat -disc lapping, valve parts changing, actuator modifications for safety, isolation and control valves.

This reaffirms our commitment to our customers that we take smart risks, listen, understand and learn from each other as we continually raise the bar of our performance to deliver real value.

The Burhani Valves Testing and Rehabilitation workshop is equipped with world-class equipment, machinery and combined with a dedicated team of technicians who have a decade of experience to provide the best solutions for all kinds of valves.

When a valve is received for testing and rehabilitation, a detailed condition assessment and repair plan is documented. This report is stored and is accessible in our data management system. Customers will receive an electronic certificate for each valve, incorporating full details of the valves’ service activities along with the compliance to testing standards.

Besides the rehabilitation, we are ready to provide onsite solutions and technical training on valve maintenance. Supporting customer education by offering a broad range of training tools and courses aimed at improving valve performance.

Rehabilitating valves from processing plants will fundamentally drive significant operational efficiencies, higher profitability and business growth.

The consequent increase in asset utilisation will result in significant financial improvement in production operations.

In conclusion, Burhani Engineers prides itself on delivering the industry’s best with innogrative solutions that will have a positive impact on their capital and operational expenditure.