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Burhani Engineers Calibration Facility

Burhani Calibration Facility Expands to Meet Growing Demand For Safety and Quality Assurance

We have launched a calibration facility to offer calibration services to companies in Kenya to enhance system operation and safety by providing accurate data on system conditions.

The facility will help in achieving industrial calibration needs. This will be done through on-site calibration services for our clients as a part of the Burhani Innogration Hub offering Pressure and Temperature calibration using State of the art portable calibration modules.

Calibration can be described as an activity where the instrument being tested is compared to a known reference value.

At the simplest level, calibration is a comparison between measurements – one of known magnitude or correctness made or set with one device, and another measurement made in a corresponding way as possible with a second device.

The device with the known correctness is called the standard. The second device is the unit under test or test instrument.

Costs and risks associated with uncalibrated measurement devices are much higher than the cost of calibration in Industrial Automation and Control Systems.

Burhani Calibration Facility

As more instruments remain in service for longer without calibration, their measurement drifts and therefore, the uncertainty increases and hence the financial exposure.

Uncalibrated instruments will produce erroneous measurements and cause an increase in system uncertainty. Proper calibration gives the end user confidence that their instruments meet the required specifications and ensures the acceptance in the international market.

Some of the Temperature devices that we can calibrate are thermocouples, thermometers, thermistors, temperature transmitters, temperature gauges among others. Those for pressure are pressure gauges, diaphragm sensors, pressure transmitters among others.

We deliver a comprehensive, end to end solution to our customers in cooperation with Beamex, a leading worldwide provider of calibration solutions, who develop calibrators, calibration software and calibration test benches that better serve the user’s needs. In use in more than 120,000 companies in 130 countries, Beamex products are used worldwide to calibrate process instruments and manage calibrations.

Burhani Engineers, the local business partner for Beamex offers a wide range of products for pressure calibrators and temperature calibrators.

From precision measurement to asset management, Burhani Engineers calibration services reduce risk, increase reliability, and improve operational performance and maintenance costs.